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Washing capacity


Product size(W*D*H)


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1.Plastic shell

Simple, light, dirt-resistant, no rust, not easily deformed.

2.High-bar pulsator

1)The streamlined butterfly pulsator, 360 degrees, drives the laundry up and down to completely remove stains.

2)The counterclockwise exchange shall be carried out to prevent the clothes from being entangled and the clothes shall be clean without injury.

3.Ultra-large capacity

1)Stainless steel inner tube, large capacity to meet the laundry needs.

2)Detachable filter box, effective filter paper and other small garbage, inhibit bacterial growth, so that the laundry is more clean and sanitary.

3)Large filter screen, filter washing process produced in the line chip, fluff, such as impurities to prevent blockage of the drainage system.

4.Elution synchronization

Double barrels can operate at the same time, multiple pieces of clothing can be washed away, and the laundry is more time-saving.

5.High efficiency motor

Double motor, strong power, smooth washing, high-speed drying, fast cleaning, effectively reducing laundry noise.